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Software in and around the NAF

Software is accessible under three locations:

Locally installed software

Usually, this is software close to the operating system, and some very common tools (e.g. gnuplot). If software, tools or binaries of this kind are missing, please contact the helpdesk.

On a Scientific Linux system, you can query the list of installed packages using rpm -qa

DESY centrally installed software

DESY provides some packages for general scientific software which are not locally installed, e.g. a generic version of ROOT, Matlab, NeuroBayes, ...

To check which software is available, type in module avail .

If you want to load module XYZ, enter module load XYZ

A special case is the Grid gLite User Interface. Setup and basic usage is described here

Experiment software

Most experiments currently use CVMFS for their software deployment.

Please contact your experiment group (e.g. through the helpdesk) to learn more about how to use your experiement software through CVMFS.