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Grid User Inferface

DESY offers a Grid User Inferface with a configuration matching DESY users.

The setup differes, however, between OS distributions and Grid User Inferface versions

ScientificLinux 5 64bit

The recommended Grid User Inferface (UI) for SL5 is glite-UI-3.2.11-1 and is available via the ini command:

>ini glite
+ Initializing 'glite-UI-3.2.11-1.sl5' [SL5.10 x86_64] of '2012-02-15 (default)' (
Initializing Module basic_grid...
Grid environment is set for glite commandos
_NO_ VO specific variables set
Initializing Module glite...

The UI is located on AFS. Also, the variable pointing to the proxy location is set to AFS into your $HOME:

>echo $X509_USER_PROXY 

Once you created a proxy, it can be accessed by all other systems equipped with AFS and carrying your credentials, especially the BIRD WNs where your jobs run. On an SL5 WN, just have ini glite early in your job script and things will be set up accordingly.

Please consult on how to restrict your jobs to SL5 only.

There is no 32bit Grid User Inferface for SL 5

Scientific Linux 6 64 bit

There is no Grid User Interface (UI) available for central AFS installation, so the installation and DESY configuration is performed locally on the SL6 machine itself. This has the advantage that no initialisation is necessary, the UI commands are available right away.

Please not, however, that the variable pointing to the proxy location is not set by default on an SL6 WN. So, it is up to you to set it in your job script.

A typical workflow could therefore look like:

submithost> export X509_USER_PROXY=${HOME}/proxy_for_project_XYZ.pem
#make sure that the location is on a network file system, e.g. AFS
#Note that the SL6 WGS default points to /tmp ... so this must be adapted on SL6 machines
submithost> voms-proxy-init --voms MYVO
submithost> cat
export X509_USER_PROXY=${HOME}/proxy_for_project_XYZ.pem
submithost> qsub -l os=sld6
#restricts your jobs to SL6 only
#if you need to pronlong the proxy, you repeat the following at any time
submithost> export X509_USER_PROXY=${HOME}/proxy_for_project_XYZ.pem
submithost> voms-proxy-init --voms MYVO

There is no 32bit SL6 UI.

Other operation systems

No Grid User Interface is provided by DESY for other operating systems like Ubuntu.

Further readings

A more in-depth description of basic and advanced UI usage can be found at the DESY Grid page