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Getting an account

The accounts for the NAF are normal DESY accounts. Several cases are possible, getting access to the NAF depends on your particular case:

You now have a valid DESY account (e.g. because you work at DESY)

In order to fully utilize the NAF, your accounts needs additional rights and group memberships. Ask your group administrator for the ressource batch and the membership in af-NNN (NNN being your experiment)

You once had a valid DESY account, but it has experied (e.g. because you were summer student at DESY)

We know you as a person. Get in contact with your experiment support and have them reactive your account. You will get the ressource batch' and the primary membership in af-NNN automatically

Note: A NAF-1 account alone does NOT count as a DESY account.

You never had an account at DESY

You need to register using the interface In order to be able to use this web interface, you must posess a valid Grid certificate and it must be configured in the browser you are using.

Managing passwords

Log in to an NAF WGS and enter passwd.

The dialogue will start like:

Changing passwords for AFS-Hamburg, Windows and AFS-Zeuthen (if account is registered): NNN