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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How to report storage issues?

Look at the form on this dedicated page

Last time it worked, but now..

  • Nearly all changes in the NAF are done via rpm updates, you can check with:

rpm -qa -last You can have a look, if the changes have time correlation with your problems.

  • Check for announces you got from naf-announce(AT)desy(DOT)de
  • If you are using an interactive node, check with top, ps the state of the machine
  • If you find nothing, and it is a NAF-specific problem, contact support for help ... see below

The workgroup servers are slow, especially ls is not very responsive

  • You might have symbolic links to /pnfs/... or /scratch/... in your current directory, which might be $HOME. This is generally a bad idea. You should not have links in your home directory.
  • You should access /pnfs/.... (i.e. dCache) via other means, please refer to these pages to get more details about working with dCache.

The machine is slow

If the WGS is slow or is getting slow, there are several things you can have a look at:

  • To look for reasons: top, ps, sar, vmstat, dstat, last. Look at the man-pages for further information.
  • Go to another machine. Please have a look at the monitoring pages to get insight on how other WGS are currently loaded.
  • If you find a single user producing the problems, mail to your naf-<vo>-support. If there is nothing explaining the "slowness", please contact the naf-helpdesk@desy.de.

Preventing AFS hangups?

NAF 1.0 has suffered from AFS disturbances. Although some changes were introduced into AFS code, made to DESY AFS server, and experiment submission frameworks adapted, it might still be interesting to look at the detailed describtion.


Currently, a split support model is in place

  • Write to naf(dash)helpdesk(at)desy(dot)de in case of account or facility problems (forgot password, system slow, local disk full, missing system software, ...)
  • Write to naf(dash)YOURVO(dash)support(at)desy(dot)de ... where YOURVO is atlas, cms, ilc, lhcb or belle