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DUST Lifecycle Policy - Data of expired accounts

Your NAF account has a limited lifetime. Usually, it gets created with a lifetime of three years. The lifetime can be extended. You will get notifications well before the expiration date, and you can contact your experiment supervisors and ask for prologration. An expired account can also be reactivated, for example because you return to an NAF institute after some years at a position abroad.

Note: This is different from the lifetime of your password! Your password has a maximum lifetime of six month. If you fail to change it, you need to contact your experiment supervisor, and you will get a new password. Your account will not expire because of an expired password!

Life cycle policy

- You should organize clean-up of the data in your DUST-user directory before you leave your project, and before your NAF account expires. Clean-up means either deleting data, or transferring it to some other space.

- Once your account expires, your data in the DUST-user directory will be hidden in the filesystem. It remains on DUST disks, but is only accessible to IT admins. Recovery is possible either on request of experiment supervisor or because of reactivation of an account.

- 180 days after account expiry, the data from the DUST-user directory will be deleted. No recovery will be possible afterwards.

- Note: This only applies to DUST-user directories, not to DUST-group directories!